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Insulated crane is often used in electrolytic workshop.Due to lifting weights is charged, in order to prevent electric current through the crane metal injury and damage to the equipment and the driver, insulated crane hook need to be added a multi-channel insulation layer, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

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Our insulated crane is equipped with three insulation (hook with a pulley, hoisting mechanism and the trolley, trolley and cart), its each insulation at room temperature State (20 ~ 25 ℃ temperature, relative humidity of 85% or less) under use 1000 v megohmmeter measured resistance value, can reach to 1M or more omega. In order to ensure the driver has a good working conditions, according to Users need ,driver can be installed indoor cooling equipment. To prevent corrosive gas corrosion of glass, affect the driver line of sight, the driver chamber equip with removable glass or organic glass.


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