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In the steel production industry, safety has always been the most important factor to consider when it comes to people as well as the processes and equipment. Foundry cranes that our company design are deliberately manufactured to ensure the safety. And at the same time, we try our best to improve the productivity with our rich experience. Usually the operately in foundries is very dangerous and complex. The loads is difficult to load with extremely high fluctuating ambient temperatures. Because of those reasons, the equipments should own high levels of safety.

To deal with the harsh environments, the engineers of our company has studied our a three-pillar system for the foundry cranes that are working for especially applications.Two kind systems are employed: redundant systems and sub-systems. They can be used for power supply and control system as well as hoists and travel units. With this kind systems, any downtime could be avoid and productivity counld get improved.We introduce the intelligent controls for various operating modes. It includes an error management function and integrated control mode.


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