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A number of industries have a specific need to use explosion-proof overhead crane in hazardous environments. We provide as versatile a range of solutions in this environment as for normal working conditions. However hazardous the working environment, Sino explosion-proof overhead crane has the the lifting solution to meet your specific needs.Sino-hoist manufacture and supply versions of all our ranges in formats designated EEx d and EEx e Zone 1 11B T4 as standard, other designations are also available.

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When explosion capability of the factory is no higher than grade II B or II C, explosion-proof overhead crane is suitable. And if the gas is mixtured of flammable gas or steam, the ignition temperature should not higher than T1-T4 team. The suitable area should blong to Area 1 or Area 2.The product shall be operated on ground.It also can be cab-operated as the user needs. The working class is middle.


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