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Under running overhead crane, usually suspended from roof trusses, are mainly utilized inside pumping stations and small workshops, for maintenance purposes. The cranes are compact in design and construction, making them ideal overhead crane solutions for low buildings where maximum hook height is required.With the crane traveling underneath the runway system,it allows you to get the maximized lifting height that from the ground to the hook.

under hung bridge crane1

But,we also design and manufacture customized cranes that equipped with double girder to meet the unique requirements of our clients according to the different working environments.Considering that the crane is suspending from the roof,it usually has a limition of the crane's weight.So in order to reduce the weight,at most time,under running overhead crane is equipped with single girder.

Please kindly tell us the following information for your gantry crane inquiry:

  • Lifting capacity
  • Lifting height
  • The span of the main girder
  • The dimension of the overhang part
  • Power supply:380V/50Hz/3 phase is acceptable or not
  • Travel distance:do you also need to buy the travel rails from us

Thanks for your kindly information, we will give you the suitable product,best overhead crane solutions and reasonable price according to the above informations.:

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