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When your workplace doesn't have the enough room for a bridge crane and gantry crane, maybe a wall mounted jib crane is the most satisfied solutions. Wall mounted jib crane take advantage of the plant or factory instead of purchasing a mast. So, it has high cost performance than free standing jib crane. Of course, due to this reason, it has more restrictions on the space and lack of flexibility.Wall mounted jib cranes can provide at most 200 degree rotation for use. In addition to work alone, it also can work as a supplement to an gantry and overhead crane. It is usually installed for light and medium lift task. They are used in production environments when your many work stations are linked together in a straight line,you can choose the wall traveling jib crane as the best solutions to meet your own specifications.The wall traveling jib crane can increase the overall productivity by quickly handling lifts and significant reducing the crane idle time

wall mounted jib crane

We can also design and manufacture the custom wall jib cranes to meet your own specifications!!!

  • Requires very little head room and exerts less force on the structure to which it is mounted
  • Requires a structurally adequate wall or column to support the jib, and needs sufficient clearance above the boom

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