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Single gantry crane is usually utilized in lighter industries. Compared with single girder overhead crane, it is supported by the two legs of itself instead of other buildings, so it is independent from the factory or plant. This product is more commanly used outdoors though also can be used indoor. Single girder gantry crane has two methods that control the operation: ground control and room control.

mh model single girder gantry cranemh model single girder gantry crane main

This kind crane is forbidden to work in the environment filled of explosive, corrosive and flammable gas.It also not allow to use to transfer material that is fuse, flammable or explosive.The Advantage of our productions

  • easonable structure, higher strength steel
  • Reliable performance and outstanding level of crane safety
  • Easy for maintenance and fix
  • Wireless remote is available

The Informations we needPlease kindly tell us the following information for your single girder gantry crane inquiry:

  • Lifting Capacity
  • Lifting height
  • the Span of the main girder
  • the dimension of the overhang part
  • power supply:380V/50Hz/3 phase is acceptable or not
  • Travel distance?do you also need to buy the travel rails from us?

Thanks for your kindly information, we will give you the suitable single gantry crane with reasonable price and high level of crane safety according to the above informations.

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