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Gantry Crane

  • Gantry cranes are nesessary for conditons in or out of the door that the workplaces have no structure which can support the elevated runway or top rail. They are widely used in open ground and warehouse to lift and transport goods. Gantry cranes could be generally divided into single girder gantry crane and double girder gantry crane.
  • According to the difference of the structure, they also can be classified into box type gantry crane and truss steel gantry crane. Box type gantry crane is the commonly kind. Without other specical difficult, our customer usually choose this kind.But when the building is inadequate to support a gantry crane, truss crane is almost the best solution. Because of the truss structure, it use less steel and is cheaper and lighter. It is a track traveling small and medium-sized crane.

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