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Explosion proof hoist adapts to the environment in factory that have explosive gas formed by inflammable gas, steam and air of which explosion proof grade is less than B grade or C grade and ignition group is more than T4(13590)group. And the explosion proof hoists adapt to 1 area or 2 area, not 0 area. Explosion proof hoist can be working together with other explosion-proof equipment such as explosion proof overhead crane and explosion proof gantry crane. It also can be installed under fixed suspending rail to use as an individual.

ex proof electric hoistex proof hoist main


  • The situation explosive gas mixture continuously exists for a long time or appears just in a short time under the normal circumstances,
  • Under normal circumstances, the situation that explosive gas mixture has the possible of not appearing.
  • The mixture of explosive gas can not appear under normal conditions. But the mixture of explosive gas appears occasionally in a short time under abnormal circumstances such as the equipment is malfunctioning.

Refer to the appendix of GB3836 1 for other dangerous gas that has not been listed into the follow table.

Explosion-proof mark(sorts,grade)Dangerous Gas
Exd 1I BT4Ethane,propane, butane, heptane, decane, ethylene, propylene, carbon monoxide, petrol, acetone, styrene, toluene, benzene, carbinol, ethanol, chloroethylene, acetaldehyde, diethyl-ether
Exd I1 CT4hydrogen gas, water gas, acetylene and the gas except Exd II BT4

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