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Universal American Standard 420ton capacity general bridge crane

June 13, 2014

On June,13th, for the acceptance work of 420 tons bridge crane, General Manager Xiang of exporting Malaysia Connor Bridge Project and his team come to Xinxiang Hoisting Equipment Factory Co.,LTD, technical Chief Engineer Liu Chuanhe , Chief Quality Officer Xue Fusheng and other leaders of Lifting Equipment Factory Co.,LTD had a warm reception and accompanied by viewing the product acceptance testing. In acceptance meeting two parties had a detailed consultation talks on specific matters relating to delivery matters. Malaysia owner party attaches great importance to the acceptance, and are very satisfied with it, at the same time also expressed the willingness to achieve more cooperation with Xinxiang Hoisting Equipment Factory Co.,LTD. This product is a super large crane, specifically designed for the National Hydropower Station in South Asia, to adapt to the globalization requirements, improve product technical level and technology content, and adapt to the high technical high technical requirements of the developed countries and demand the requirements of high-end lifting equipment in the world's crane industry, it is the largest tonnage of lifting products in the field of exporting water conservancy and hydropower of domestic crane industry, which is all designed as per the American standards.

The new product adopts advanced design method and strict design standard, using Ansys, solidworks and other advanced design software, focusing on design optimization and innovation, reduce nearly one third in height of the crane in compared with equally same tonnage crane, crane weight reduce about 36%, wheel load reduce about 15%,the blind area of main and auxiliary hook reduce around 20%-35%, not only optimized in all aspects of the crane, the cost of design and manufacturing had greatly reduced, but also much reduced for the workshop construction requirement, it saved the cost of investment cost for investors, so then it got the owner's consistent recognition and praise. The new product uses advanced frequency conversion technology, PLC control technology, empty overload superwide variable speed technology, security monitoring technology system and the lap synchronization technology function between the main and auxiliary hook, to achieve the goals of high standard, high technical content, high practicability for the crane.