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1t single girder overhead crane

February 28, 2013

  • Product name: 1t single girder overhead crane
  • Type: LD
  • Delivery time:2013-02-28
  • Country: India

Mr. Anil sent us crane inquiry first in end of 2012 and he inquired 2 ton single girder overhead crane. After checking his plant layout and pics, our engineers found that the plant can only bear max.1 ton crane. As per our suggestion and crane solution, Mr.Anil made his decision of purchasing 2 sets of 1 ton overhead crane for his plant expansion.

As Mr.Anil made a budget earlier before sending the crane inquiry, to save the cost, our engineers gave recommended rail specification and suggest purchasing the rails locally.

Since the crane production came across Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, our production department tried their best to short the production period, surely under condition of guarantee the crane quality.

Within 10 days after the holiday, we successfully loaded the crane and transported it to Ningbo port.