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16t single girder gantry crane

June 10, 2013

  • Product name: 16t single girder gantry crane
  • Type: MH
  • Delivery time:2013-06-10
  • Country: St.Paul,Brazil
  • Capacity: 16ton, Span length: 7.69m, one side cantilever: 7m. Lifting height: 9m single girder gantry crane.

This order just take four days. The first time we talk is online. Rima, my client, who is about 50 years old, a gentle and kind man, we talked much about the drawings, work site condition to confirm everything is appropriate, cause his requirement is not usual, we talk many online and by phone and finally confirmed all the details in four days. After placing order, Rima come to our factory to inspect the production, he spoke highly of our work efficiency.

The cranes are well loaded in one set 40' OT container, and before the container arrived at the customer's factory, we began to apply visas for engineers for installation. Before everything is settled, we spent lots of efforts.

There are many trade show in Brazil, Rima shall always send us some information about exhibitions and he invite us to take part in exhibition. We are committed to this.




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